The Emotional Journey of Overcoming Muscle Pain


Thank you so much for sending me THAT book. Simply wow! I got hooked from the beginning and I felt like with every word I was walking with you through that journey. The words are raw and so beautifully written. I love how you gave examples; it gives so much clarity. Thank you for sharing your pain, your wisdom and your heart. You've achieved through this book everything you wanted; you've made me feel less alone, less lost and given me hope that I can heal and become the best person I can be. Overall, I enjoyed your book and admire your thoughts, your writing and your boldness to put all that onto paper. There are so many strong messages in there and I love how you put them across.
OMG, Hannah, I am in love with your book. I am just at the beginning, but I can feel it all throughout me. Thank you for sharing it. I can reflect on what you are telling. Our silent battles.
Beautifully written. Good job, Hannah. It’s so attractive to keep reading.
Hannah offers some very practical, heart-felt wisdom. She doesn't speak at you, she speaks with you. She gives you the invaluable benefit of her experience. I highly recommend this short read for anyone suffering or has someone in their life who is suffering.


  • About the Author
  • Why I Am A Hobby Blogger
  • Dedication
  • Who this Book is For
  • Epigraph
  • Introduction
  • Three Pearls of Wisdom
  • How I Found Hope
  • It Can Always Get Worse
  • Bad Experiences Can Lead To Good
  • Why I Started Homeopathy
  • Finally, A Way To Release The Tension
  • Hope Comes From Trust
  • Energy Is Your Most Valuable Resource
  • Work Less. You Will Be Fine
  • What The Head Has Got To Do With Pain
  • "Your pain is psychosomatic!"
  • Emotiosomatic
  • The Kernel Of Truth
  • What You Can Do
  • How to know which Emotions have a Pain Relationship?
  • What Have Thoughts Got To Do With Somatic Emotions?
  • Why Do I Have Somatic Emotions?
  • Understanding Emotional Pain Triggers
  • What Can You Do To Change The Meaning Of Thoughts​​​


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