Fragen über Fragen


“Will answer tonight!” Will not happen.
I’m on my own. And I am grown. I can deal with this.
A taste of the medicine. Mirroring can be effective.
I heard. Well, it’s not even a tactic.

I just don’t even feel like wasting my energy anymore.
Rare for me. Share reality. Sad for me.
I’m listening to the sky. The whole wide sky. In a loop in my ears.
In a loop in my heart. The sky. Is breaking my heart.

My face is blue and yellow. There are two sides.
My ear is an eye. You can see two faces.
My hair is black and curly. A soft Picasso. Not even strong.
She looks to the side. She looks out in peace.
She’s soft and she’s strong.

People are so confused. And I’m so pretty. But not everyone can see it.
They just find it strange. Let them drive around. In circles in their minds.

With the perfect faces.
Nothing crooked ever goes on.
And all the eyes are in the right place.
Where nothing is disturbing.
Because that would be.


Copyright Hannah Knaack-Völker
Alle Rechte vorbehalten

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