Fragen über Fragen


I don’t want to play it cool.
I really like you.
I wish I had you.

It’s just another language,
form of expression,
I want to speak with you.

Express your soul.
Express your heart.


Meet me in the highs.
When you feel my lows,
I promise you my highs.

Can I be with you?
I want to see with you – the truth.

I could love you forever.
I thought about it.
Would you let me?

Switch between two things.
Can we switch between two things?
Seam – less – ly ?

I don’t want to be ashamed of myself.
Can you take that?
If I’m not ashamed of not being ashamed, maybe you won’t be ashamed.

If I’m open and unashamed, you will find nothing to be ashamed about.
I will make you uncomfortable, but only because you’re not used to feeling comfortable.
I’ll give you the freedom to express yourself freely by not making a fuss of my own expression.

I’ll be myself.
Matter-of-factly with all the emotion.

“You don’t need to save me.”
But do you want to be yourself with me?

Do you want to show me who you are when you are you?
Do you want to be free with me?

When you are relaxed and cool.
When you are insane and wild.

When you are high and you’re low.

Will you share your ecstasy?
And your blackest abyss of fear?

If we go low, will we go high?
If we go high, will we go low?

Do you want that intensity?
Do you want that feeling?

Isn’t it in you anyway?
Do you want to feel it, though?

Do you want to share it, though?
Do you want to share mine, too?

When we’re at ease, will we have peace?

Copyright Hannah Knaack-Völker
Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

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