The Emotional Journey of Overcoming Muscle Pain


Thank you so much for sending me THAT book. Simply wow! I got hooked from the beginning and I felt like with every word I was walking with you through that journey. The words are raw and so beautifully written. I love how you gave examples; it gives so much clarity. Thank you for sharing your pain, your wisdom and your heart. You've achieved through this book everything you wanted; you've made me feel less alone, less lost and given me hope that I can heal and become the best person I can be. Overall, I enjoyed your book and admire your thoughts, your writing and your boldness to put all that onto paper. There are so many strong messages in there and I love how you put them across.
OMG, Hannah, I am in love with your book. I am just at the beginning, but I can feel it all throughout me. Thank you for sharing it. I can reflect on what you are telling. Our silent battles.
Beautifully written. Good job, Hannah. It’s so attractive to keep reading.
Hannah offers some very practical, heart-felt wisdom. She doesn't speak at you, she speaks with you. She gives you the invaluable benefit of her experience. I highly recommend this short read for anyone suffering or has someone in their life who is suffering.

für wen ist dieses buch?

Das Buch behandelt körperliche Schmerzen und wie wir mit ihnen leichter umgehen können, ohne verrückt zu werden.

Die Muse hat Englisch gesprochen. Die Übersetzung folgt.

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This book is for you if you suffer from cramp-like muscular pains or other

physical pain you struggle to accept.
If you are like me, you will at some point feel devastated by chronic pain
impacting your passions, social and professional life.
Loneliness and despair have become good acquaintances.
The mind and soul are beginning to suffer from the strain constant physical
pains put on your body.
You’re looking for help and hope.
You want to learn from people you can relate to.
You want to know how you can work with the pain to overcome it.

My hope is, that after having read this book, you feel accompanied in regard to
handling chronic pain emotionally.
You understand that you are not alone in case of a lack of diagnosis and
effective treatment.
I wish for you to have a strong positive story and first-hand experience to refer
to when life feigns no reason for hope exists.
My aspiration for you is to take away beneficial approaches to how the mind
and emotions can deal with physical pain. 
If my book is successful you will have strategies to guide you and view your
situation as the temporary experience that it is.
You can live without fighting with your body, worsening the pains or wasting
your precious strength.
Including pain in your everyday life will take away stress and fear, allowing you
to use your valuable energy to heal emotionally.
This, in turn, will provide you with the spare energy necessary to dedicate to the
physical healing process.


  • About the Author
  • Why I Am A Hobby Blogger
  • Dedication
  • Who this Book is For
  • Epigraph
  • Introduction
  • Three Pearls of Wisdom
  • How I Found Hope
  • It Can Always Get Worse
  • Bad Experiences Can Lead To Good
  • Why I Started Homeopathy
  • Finally, A Way To Release The Tension
  • Hope Comes From Trust
  • Energy Is Your Most Valuable Resource
  • Work Less. You Will Be Fine
  • What The Head Has Got To Do With Pain
  • "Your pain is psychosomatic!"
  • Emotiosomatic
  • The Kernel Of Truth
  • What You Can Do
  • How to know which Emotions have a Pain Relationship?
  • What Have Thoughts Got To Do With Somatic Emotions?
  • Why Do I Have Somatic Emotions?
  • Understanding Emotional Pain Triggers
  • What Can You Do To Change The Meaning Of Thoughts​​​

Hi, ich bin Hannah und ich habe mehrere Jahre mit dauerhaften Muskelschmerzen zu tun gehabt, die mein Leben auf eine interessante Art stark veränderten. Ich habe das Gefühl, als Teil meiner Genesung ist es meine Aufgabe  über das Thema physischer Schmerzen zu schreiben und anderen Menschen in meiner Situation helfen zu können. Ich weiß, mir hätte es geholfen, wäre da jemand gewesen, der mir in dieser schwierigen Zeit auf diese Art Händchen gehalten hätte!


Nützliche Dinge bei Muskelschmerzen und Verspannungen


Zum Umgang mit physischen Schmerzen Inspiration PDF



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